Your Virtual Journey

Hybrid Event Talent is excited to help you & your team grow in this ever changing new realm of consumerism. We take pride in being on the cutting edge of virtual events, providing clients with a unique point of view when planning and staffing their next event.

Quality Results

Our goal is to create provide you with the best in the business for your event. Whether it’s live event talent, hybrid talent, stream engineers, project managers, or technical directors, Hybrid Event Talent has you covered. With in house training and weekly check ins, our team will make sure every detail is handled with care and precision so you don’t have to.


The specialists here at Hybrid Event Talent have a combined 20+ years experience in a field that most businesses never thought they’d need to prepare for. This booming “new” market has taken the world by storm. We’ve collected the best in the business here under one roof to help you not only navigate but thrive in this new environment.



Los Angeles, California, USA